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Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities in the world. When I went last November after my trip to Antwerp I fell in love with it, which to be honest was a little unexpected. Most people fall in love with Paris or Rome but Amsterdam is my jam. This city is a perfect size, I love the canals, the bike culture, the Dutch, the food is great, its super international and everyone speaks english which is nice. The design is beautiful and the apartments super cute. I oddly feel super at home there, I think I must of lived there in another life :) This time around I swung through for a long weekend to see some friends in between my time in Copenhagen and Paris. I dined at De Kas with my pal Sam. The most beautiful restaurant with gardens surrounding and an indoor greenhouse. Cruising around on a bike in this city is one my favorite things to do in the world, my time there is never long enough. Love you Amsterdam, be back soon. For my full list of recommendations click here.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos. I was sick during my first (and only) trip to Amsterdam but I've been dying to get back. And Sam! On that bike! What a beauty.

  2. You captured the magic of Amsterdam on camera! I actually fell in love with the city very recently so I know exactly what you mean here. It's such a special place. Glad you've had the chance to visit multiple times.

  3. I haven't been...yet, but your beautiful photos make me want to tenfold more than before! Thank you for this beautiful post

  4. I haven't been there, sadly, but for what I know about the city, and for this photos you are sharing with us, it is definitelly a city worth visiting, and a city worth living in, wouldn't mind it at all!

    xx, Her Place at the Universe

  5. Oh, that's so cool that you felt instantly at home there! I think Amsterdam has a comforting, other-worldly-yet-familiar feel, it looks beautiful through your lens!

    Characters & Carry-ons

  6. Beautiful photos. We've always wanted to visit Amsterdam and must include it the next time we visit family in Norway. I love to pick up textiles in countries we visit outside of the United States for making my handmade padded hangers!

  7. Oh love to see our capital city through your lens again! It's my favorite city too and I try to visit it as much as I can. Have you visit the Noordermarkt too ? it's only on monday's. It's such a lovely small market with mostly vintage stuff.

  8. La Torntoise10/31/15, 8:00 PM

    Dear all, I'm originally from Toronto, having been living in Amsterdam for the past 11 years.Toronto is known as a cold place in the winter, temperature going down to minus 20- minus 25. So, moving to the netherlands for my work felt like moving to the paradise:-)

    I have shared your enthusiasm for most of my stay. However, I admit that over the years I arrived at a point where I realized, I've been tired of the overcast (in fact, summer months can get as cold as 8 degrees, and I needed gloves to ride my bike), the rain, the biking culture in the winter, the expensive real-estate market, the high taxes, and the constant need to engage in some maintenance work of a 400 years old house:-)) ... So, I decided to make a better investment and bought an apartment in the South of France - where sun is shining 325 days of the year: -)

    But no worries: -) to get to this point, you must spend a substantial chunk of time; I think, short stays in Amsterdam will always be romantic and unforgettable:-)

    Have a great weekend!



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